Below you will find a list of bills that Senator Garrett introduced or co-sponsored during the 2021 Legislative year.

Bill NumberBill TitlePrimary Sponsor?
SB 15NC Adopt ERA.No
SB 138Allow Remote Shareholder Meetings.No
SB 143Juneteenth Observance Day in NC.No
SB 15127th Senatorial District Local Act-1.Yes
SB 154Fully Fund School Social Wkrs & Psychologists.No
SB 165North Carolina CROWN Act.No
SB 178Reenact Child Care Tax Credit.No
SB 181Reinstate Earned Income Tax Credit.No
SB 182Restore Educational Sales Tax Holiday.No
SB 212Bennett College Accredit./Private Need-Based.No
SB 214Local Option Sales Tax/School Construction.Yes
SB 215Health Ins./Former City Council/Greensboro.Yes
SB 216Release of LEO Recordings/Greensboro.Yes
SB 217Early Childhood Data Analytics/Pilot/Guilford.Yes
SB 231Military Family Sports Act.No
SB 248Additional Info on Health Ins. Cards.No
SB 249The SAVE Act.No
SB 257Medication Cost Transparency Act.No
SB 268Film Grant Fund Appropriation.No
SB 274Restore Master’s Pay for Teachers & ISP.No
SB 280School Calendar Flexibility/Guilford County.Yes
SB 281Fair Treatment for Journalism/Guilford County.Yes
SB 284Greensboro/School Zone Elec. Enforc.Yes
SB 286Greensboro/Local Speed Limit.Yes
SB 289National Guard Modifications/Omnibus.No
SB 291Citizens Review Board/Special Legislation.No
SB 292Greensboro Small Business Enterprise.Yes
SB 296Collaboratory/Fisheries Study.No
SB 301Expand Expunction Eligibility.No
SB 323Joint Municipal Power Agencies/Investments.No
SB 324Student-Athlete Compensation/Study.No
SB 350North Carolina Innovations Waiver Act of 2021.No
SB 364Automatic Voter Registration.No
SB 369Make Election Day A State Holiday.Yes
SB 386Expand Workforce Housing.Yes
SB 412$15/Hour Min. Pay for Noncert. Sch. Employees.Yes
SB 416“Ban the Box”.No
SB 418NC Teaching Fellows/HMSIs.No
SB 438Full Repeal of HB2.No
SB 439Hate Crimes Prevention Act.No
SB 4432021 Safe Drinking Water Act.No
SB 472Expand Occup. Cancer Benefits/Firefighters.No
SB 487Expand CJ Fellows/LEO In-Service Training.Yes
SB 524Small Business Assistance.Yes
SB 556Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards.Yes
SB 560Electric Vehicle Special Registration Plate.Yes
SB 563Renewable Energy Tax Credit.Yes
SB 565Supporting Law Enforcement.Yes
SB 566Investing in Law Enforcement.Yes
SB 576Recovery Rebate for Working Families Act.Yes
SB 589Small Business Capital Improvement Account.Yes
SB 590Eastern Triad Workforce Dev. Funds.Yes
SB 591Business Income Tax Deduction.Yes
SB 592Plug-In Electric Vehicle Tax Credit.Yes
SB 603Individuals and Families Recovery Act.Yes
SB 637Guilford County Mental Health Facility/Funds.Yes
SB 638PFAS Manufacture/Use/Sale Ban.Yes
SB 639Commuter Rail Study/Piedmont Triad.Yes
SB 642Technology and Data Institute Funds/Pilot.Yes
SB 643Invest NC Bond Act of 2021.Yes
SB 688Sports Wagering.No
SB 699Polluter Pays.Yes
SB 701Restore Public Sector Collective Bargaining.Yes
SB 702State Clean Energy Goal for 2050.Yes
SB 704Protect Children from Leaking Garbage Trucks.Yes
SB 705Create Dept. of Housing and Comm. Development.Yes
SB 706Carolina’s Guarantee Scholarship Program.Yes
SB 708ID Card Requests/Juveniles.Yes
SB 709Allow Clerks to Dismiss Certain IVC Cases.Yes
SB 716Fix Our Democracy.No