About Michael Garrett

Michael Garrett is a successful small business owner who is running against Trudy Wade for North Carolina Senate District 27. He is a proud native of northwest Guilford County, a product of Guilford County public schools, and a graduate of UNCG. From business to public service, Michael has demonstrated the kind of effective leadership we need in Raleigh. He owns and operates a marketing firm in Greensboro which employs 10 people. He has served on various Guilford County government committees, as Chair of the UNCG Alumni Board, and on the United Way’s Education Impact Council.

Why I’m Running

Guilford County is my home. It is where I run my business and where I attended and graduated from public schools and UNC-Greensboro. With the birth of my son, Jack, last December, Guilford County is where Allison and I started our family. This county and state have offered me a firm foundation and limitless opportunities. Now I see those opportunities for the next generation slipping away due in large part to the actions of this General Assembly.

North Carolina used to be a shining beacon for public education. We’re home to America’s first public higher education institution and for decades led the country in early childhood education. It is clear that this General Assembly, including my opponent, Trudy Wade, has not made maintaining and expanding on that legacy a priority. As a state, we have slipped to 39th in per pupil spending and 37th in teacher pay. Our very best educators are looking for career opportunities in neighboring states while our students are left to learn in chronically underfunded classrooms.

I am running because it is past time for us to renew our promise to future generations. Hard work and persistence should be rewarded with opportunity so that children can have even better lives than their parents. The only way we can do that is by investing in our students, by stoking the flame of small business, and by expanding access to low-cost healthcare coverage. I’m running so that my son and all of our children are afforded the same opportunities I was given here at home. Join our campaign today and together we can make that vision a reality.

“Hard work and persistence should be rewarded with opportunity. This is the driving value that guides my approach to government and that is the direction I want to move North Carolina toward.”

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How you can help

Help us get the word out about Michael Garrett’s campaign for NC Senate
Help us get the word out about Michael Garrett’s campaign for NC Senate
Help us get the word out about Michael Garrett’s campaign for NC Senate

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